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RTE Conference 2019: interact, inspire, and innovate

RadTech Europe (RTE), the European association for UV- and EB-curing technology, is expanding its content for the 2019 RadTech Europe Conference and Exhibition, scheduled for 15 – 16 October 2019 in Munich, Germany.

New in 2019

The conference will introduce several additions to increase interaction, such as new discussion formats and crowd interaction apps, to complement the cutting-edge technological content that the event has been famous for the past 30 years.

The conference and exhibition will be tightly integrated on a single floor, with a business market including poster presentations and new product introductions on the exhibition floor to ensure a high-energy event.

What changes?

The conference will be condensed into a two-day event, providing attendees with a focused program with industry-leading content. A social event will take place the evening prior to the first day. The exhibition has been streamlined to tabletops where sponsors can exhibit their products and meet with their clients and potential new customers.

New additions to the conference programme

On the first day, 15 October, a full-day training on the basics of UV/EB technology will be given by David Helsby, former RTE-president and industry veteran. He will provide a robust introduction to the chemistry, equipment, formulations, value chain and applications for newcomers to the technology.

RTE members pay 250€ for this unique training opportunity, while non-members pay 350€ per delegate. Registration is possible via the regular online registration form.

The conference also includes two specific one-day end-user focused sessions, focusing on food packaging and metal coating respectively. Both sessions can be subscribed to separately and will offer an in-depth look into the latest developments in chemistry, equipment and regulations for that application, as well as the view from brand-owners and converters.

The RadTech Europe Conference & Exhibition is the European industry event for users of radiation curing materials and equipment. The event brings together the entire value chain, from raw material supplier to end-user. Make sure to be a part of it! 


RadTech Europe call for papers

RadTech Europe (RTE), the European association for UV- and EB-curing technology, is welcoming papers for the 2019 RadTech Europe Conference and Exhibition, scheduled for 15 – 16 October 2019 in Munich, Germany.

Conference Chair Dawn Skinner comments:
“The RTE Conference and Exhibition is the place to find out about the latest developments in UV and EB-curing. Our event brings together the entire radiation curing industry, from raw material suppliers and equipment manufacturers to end-users. We will focus on the latest innovations, applications and trends in radiation curing, as well as relevant legislation.”

The deadline for submission of titles and abstracts is 14 March, 2019. The conference program committee will select presentations based on the scientific significance and potential value to the industry. The best paper will be awarded the prestigious Paul Dufour Award 2019.

For additional information on submitting abstracts and the event itself, visit

RadTech Europe (RTE), founded in 1988 in Switzerland and headquartered in The Hague (The Netherlands), is the European industry association that promotes the development, use and benefits of UV/EB curing technology.

UV/EB Curing: best in class! RadTech Europe’s major event delivers proof

‘UV/EB: best in class’ was the uncompromising theme of this year’s RadTech Europe conference and exhibition in Prague, 17-19 October.   The number of event participants – in excess of 400 – confirmed the interest and focus on this headline technology, across all its many – and ever-growing – applications and markets.  Sponsored by a number of leading companies in the industry – including Gold Sponsors Allnex, BASF, BCH, IGM Resins, Lambson, Nagase, Rahn, Sartomer, and Siltech, and Silver Sponsors BYK, Covestro, EIT, Heraeus, Nedap, Nippon Gohsei, Nissan Chemical Industries, and Synthos – the event was also home to a number of exhibiting companies from all corners of the world.

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Join the RTE Networking dinner on Wednesday!

The RTE Conference & Exhibition 2017 not only offers you the latest technical information and product innovations. It also offers you a lot of networking opportunities during the day and in the evening! All delegates are invited to join the Afterwork party on Tuesday on the conference floor, and to attend the Networking dinner on Wednesday 18 October 2017. Make sure to register via the regular online registration form.

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BEST IN CLASS: RadTech Europe conference explores the vibrant UV/EB technologies and markets

The end-use markets for UV/EB curing have grown dramatically in the two years since RadTech Europe held its last conference.   With its headline  topic ‘UV/EB:  best in class!’, and taking place as in 2015 at the well-received Clarion Hotel, Prague, 17-19 October, the RTE Conference and Exhibition 2017 will be a large and lively event, with an in-depth formal agenda complemented by an extensive on-site supplier exhibition and strong networking opportunities.

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